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"Children are the most important ones" 

Are the social commitment of Congregación Evangélica Argentino-Germana Buenos Aires Sur. 
We base on the following principles:
● Children are the most important ones
● Every girl and boy are unique and irreplaceable, they are important to us because they bring new hope for the future.
● Every girl and boy are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect by their adult counterparts. 
● Every girl and boy are subjects of human rights as expressed in the International Declaration of Human Rights besides of their underaged rights expressed on the Convention on the Rights of the Child
● Every girl and boy is welcomed, regardless of sex, race, culture or creed.

● Proceed through their different development stages with confidence and curiosity; discover and develop their own potential; acquire their own autonomy and initiative.
● Investigate the world around them; acknowledging nature and its cycles but also the arts and technologies developed by human beings.
● Learn about their own emotions and feelings and their pairs; gain experiences and skills to coexist with respect, empathy, compassion, mutual help, and solidarity.
● Feel unconditionally accepted; to be taken seriously; be able to do important things for others.

● Support their kid's growth, express their doubts and receive orientation on development and upbringing.
● Acquire tools to exercise their role as caretakers in a non-violent manner; supporting their kid's development through love, respect, nursing, and positivity.
● Feel Heard, confident and oriented to face difficulties or problems.
● Share learning skills and experiencies with other families to improve their life conditions
● Overcome ongoing frustration and plan future projects

Brought by good will people all around the world. Our job is to take it to the true beneficiaries. It is our responsibility to let families know how important there are to others and to keep those others informed about their commitment outcome.
These are the principles we follow when defining each área objectives when planning everyday activities. We commit to bring them to life and a concrete application, constantly seeking improvement to truly serve those less fortunate.

Our kindergartens are part of Quilmes and integrate the joint ventures emerging from citizens compromise with children and their families. Because of this, we work side by side with different institutions, we participate on different at-risk children related networks; we cooperate with human rights state agencies.


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