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New Year is here!

Last weeks of 2017 went flying by. Many projects, evaluations, last meetings with families and of course the most exciting moments: The end of the year ceremony of “Sala Mariposas” and “Sala Verde”. Most of the girls and boys of “Sala Mariposas” Daycare group will move on to “Sala Rosa” of our Kindergarten “El Arca de Los Niños”. It’s a goodbye from the early developing stages but a welcome to the preschool stage.
Moving out of “Sala verde” is a much bigger step for our children because in March they will be attending First Grade in an Elementary school. This means new groups, notebooks, and teachers. It’s a big leap forward full of excitement but also hesitation.
We have an arrangement with a local school and many of the kids assisting there will meet again with old friends and former children of “El Arca de los Niños”. This is reassuring for us adults that have a hard time letting them go

Then the Christmas party came along and despite rescheduling the original date from Monday afternoon a lot of families attended full of joy and happy to meet. And like everything we share was double the fun!
Now we are already getting ready for a new cycle and new families to meet. But for now, we try to keep it cool! 


Helping threads

We are so happy and extremely grateful to announce that knitwear designer Joji Locatelli will be donating 100% of the proceeds of her new knitting pattern forever to Quilmes Community Kindergarten. You can purchase the pattern through the Ravelry platform.




Recently we celebrated our 35 year anniversary since we started our commitment towards children.
We have lived so many things and learned so much with all the families we support through their kids learning stages. 
Since the early beginnings in the Parish Room with just a few toys and 15 children we started growing, we incorporated Daycare and a separate building for the Kindergarten. There were some rough times through the economic crisis in 1989/90 and 2001/2002. But also blissful moments and everyday joy on watching kids run happy and well fed and watching once-students bring in their own kids as years went by.

Many families have to endure tough situations. To support them with words and actions can be a great challenge but its proven to be very rewarding.
We feel next to so many warm-hearted people that every day bring their support and strength to help us keep doing our work.

Celebrations are not over yet, we feel grateful and stand united as a team and as a community. To continue our work requires a great constant effort, but we are not alone and even the smallest achievements bring rewards in our path.


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